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NC2 planfile #1

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NC2 planfile #1

Postby Ozambabbaz on Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:26 pm

linky to afficial nastee forum: cl1ck0r

cut&paste job :

We are determined to improve the communication with the community and to allow you to take a closer look at our development process. We thought about a good way to do this for a while. A simple, general communication can not always be guaranteed due to our work load. Therefore we will weave the communication with you into the development process. We will introduce a new system shortly: Theme Weeks.

Theme Weeks:
These theme weeks will describe the central focus of the current development process as well as different activities revolving around the central theme.

We have plans for things like contests and theme-related events. Of course the details will depend on the respective themes.

Internally, all departments (if possible) will work on the week’s theme. This means bug fixing as well as developing and implementing new content.

At the end of each of theme weeks, a closure event is planned using the new features and content.

To be able to communicate all of this properly and efficiently, we will open threads in a new forum section specific to the theme weeks.
These will contain content plans, an area for reports and more. The threads will be monitored by us and the reports will be added to a „known issues“ list. This list will also reflect the development status of all the points on it. The list will be available from the same forum section. Both the known problems as well as their status will be documented.

The duration of the theme weeks will be between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the theme. Should any problems remain after the set time limit (which will most likely happen occasionally), these problems will have to be postponed.

All sides will have to live with this. Without setting time limits, some themes would block the pipeline for other themes for too long.

KK Team:
The themes from the theme weeks are the team’s top priority.

This system will clearly show you what we are working on and what improvements you can expect in the time to come. In addition, we hope to be able to offer you new content and additional ingame entertainment related to the theme.

Start date:
We have to clear up some questions internally and distribute the tasks. Therefore we will need a few more days to set everything up. We hope to be able to start the first theme week sometime next week. We will inform you in due time.
Holger Nathrath

R E A K K T O R . C O M
A Division of 10tacle Studios AG

further tidbits from holger in the same thread:

on the topic of "theme week examples":
- Vehicle weeks
- Droner weeks
- Hacknet weeks

Stuff like that. In each phase we will fix as many bugs as possible, implant as many new content as possible, do as nice events as possible and so on, all regarding the center theme

We'll try to choose the focus themes according to the needs of the players and the product.

about the various sealed off locations like the NC zoo:
There are several areas which are still closed. It's possible that we decide to arrange opening events during these weeks. But we are negotiating with a band wich makes very cool and Neocron style music. If we come to an agreement, we will arrange special events with them to open certain new locations.

about the ever so popular HUD
It's almost done. At least the grafics. It will be more simplistic than the default one and you will be able to change it in one of three the options menus

edit: Oups. I'm talking about the main HUD not the drone HUD. Did I get something wrong ?

and there'll prob be more, just gonna skim the german thread to see if anything else is there
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Postby Freaky Fryd on Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:31 pm

I'm very happy to see this, and will be extremely happy should it go through!
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Postby Dist on Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:42 pm

Sounds good, would be good if they held true to their ideas.
However, kk as a company has never followed a path they said they would, instead, they always wind up wondering aimlessly down a different path, in the dark, without a flashlight.

*shrug* hope they get this one right and start cleaning up some of the issues.
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