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SXR Forum Rules

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Welcome to the SXR Forums! These "rules" are just a general set of guidelines, which are subject to change.

Use common sense and enjoy your stay :)


>> You can bring in-game stuff here, I don't care. Bitch and flame away.

>> Pertaining to the previous rule, do not bring personal insults/attacks here or anything pertaining to real life. Using real names or attacking people's RL relations is not something I will tolerate. Keep it related to in-game stuff or I will not be happy.

>> Do not post about software pirating or anything else promoting illegal activities. Jail is somewhere I don't feel like going.

>> Any topics that are not "work-friendly" should be placed in the Spam Forum. For those of us who work in an office and want to 'safely' browse the forums, it's best if we contain these things there.

>> Forum Sigs are limited to 150px wide x 600px high and can't be overly obnixious. Please don't make them any larger or they will be removed!


These rules apply to ALL SXR Forums, including the Spam Forum, and to all Registered members, SXR and non-SXR.

- FN -