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Looking to join SXR? Look here!

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Looking to join SXR? Look here!

Postby FN on Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:17 pm

SynergyXR is a like-minded group of players (read: friends) coming together for the purpose of having a good time. For some, that good time is only achieved by mastery of the game and the domination of other players as well as the environment. Others are just looking for the modern equivalent of the corner bar. But the point is ultimately to enjoy yourself, and help the other members have as much fun as possible.

As a member of SynergyXR, we ask that you do the following: If you don't think you can hold to the following guidelines, simply go your way in peace and good luck in finding yourself a clan that fits you. If, after joining, you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the clan leadership.

You should know that SynergyXR is interesting in recruiting *players*, not just *characters*. We want to get to know you and have fun with you as a person, not just through whatever fictional persona you happen to logon with today.

1. Have a sense of humor. We do tend to kid around and have a good time with each other, but it's all in good fun. Don't take it personally.

2. Relating to #1, no personal attacks or insults especially relating to real life stuff. Basically, if you wouldn't say it to their face then don't say it virtually. The key to getting respect is to give respect.

3. Participate (well, at least read) on the forums and in ventrilo. Even if you don't have a mic, you can join in and listen. This is especially important for team or clan events in-game (e.g. PvP).

4. Have fun! If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing something right. If you get frustrated or angry, logoff. We'll be here when you get back.

So if you still wanna jump on the SXR wagon, please post a new thread and make sure you answer the following to some extent:

    Where are you from?

    How old are you?

    What game(s) are interested in playing with us?

    What are you character name(s)?

    How long have you been playing?

    What would you like to get out of your membership in SXR?

    Would you be willing to use Teamspeak (voice communication)?

    How did you hear about SXR?

    Paint us a picture of your online gaming past :)

After you make your initial "About Me" post, you can apply in the forums as an SXR recruit:

- Log into the forums (if you've posted, you're already registered!)
- Click on Control Panel
- Select the Usergroups tab
- Select the SXR Recruits group and apply

Or just login and click here for your Usergroup CP.

An SXR administrator will approve your application and give you details about how to join us in-game (if not already) and join us on Ventrilo.

The process usually is to hang out with us and see how things go. We are a group of friends more than anything, and we get along with most people fairly well, we are a diverse bunch with people from all over the *world*, so don't worry if you have an accent or your English isn't that good. We joke a lot and rip on each other but it is all good-natured and never serious, we are mostly easy-going and here to have fun.

We are not a hard-core PvP clan and we don't fight 24/7. We do PvP a lot and it is an important part of SXR membership, but we also accept those who wish to do other non-PvP things as well.

Our main playing timezones are usually American, although we have a lot of Euro's that play during the day, so you won't be alone if you're in that timezone.

All we can really say is try us out and see if you like our clan and if you fit in, if not than there's no hard feeling either way.

If you have any questions, post a thread or directly contact one of the SXR Leaders and they will answer your question or point you to the right person!
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