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Took long enough...

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Took long enough...

Postby FN on Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:10 pm

They finally revoked my posting privs on the NC Forums. I suppose I won't be able to read them soon either. I've refrained from posting all week but finally chimed in on this apt/rollback issue.

Why does nobody believe me when I say you're all paying for a game that is still in the middle of Beta I feel for you guys - but seriously, NC2 was released before many things were tested, before many things were finished being implemented, and before it should have been. You should've all seen that when parts from Beta were simply removed for the 'Release' and when large portions of the original .plan and feature list weren't even in the game :(

That's my last official post, how sad, lol

I was attempting to post on the "What should KK be working on?" thread. If they would've released NC2 with Item Tracking and Player-Run Shops, I would've been playing NC2 from Day 1, but those two features, in my opinion, are absolutely crucial to any success NC2 might have. Player-Run Shops will immerse players to a new level and Item Tracking is a flat-out necessity for those who don't want to deal with the bullshit of losing items, today's Terra Issue as an example.

If they finish those two things, there's a decent chance I'll renew an account.[/quote]
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Postby Numpty on Tue Oct 05, 2004 4:23 pm

ive just sent them a huge mail, if they dont sort out what ive lost im cancelling. :evil:
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Postby Dist on Tue Oct 05, 2004 5:23 pm

For whatever reason I can't post any more on the NC forums after I cancelled my account and upgraded to NC2 :?: I can read every post but I can't reply or vote in the polls.

I pretty much agree with ya FN. playershops is a must and item tracking is a no-brainer.

I find myself logging in for like 5 mins then going to do something else. I'm really not enjoying NC2.

They absolutely need to get Player-shops sorted out. I hate, absolutely hate, this Faction specific stuff atm. But if player-shops were in it would be a lot better.

Reasons I hate faction specific items;

1) With 12 different factions and less than 600 ppl online at peak times (250 when I log on), NC is a very small MMO game. To require me to sit on trade and hope that one or two of those 250-600 ppl are in one of the other 11 factions, that I need stuff from and willing to trade with me, is just a big time sink, imho. Its bad enough if you have to find a resser or cst to build stuff, now you have to have liscenses and possibly a special part only sold by faction x?

I know it is supposed to increase player interaction, but I am used to playing NC a certain way and this faction specific stuff is making me play it entirely different than I want to. I liked it the old way.
I have always been completely self-sufficient when it comes to building stuff. If I want a 5 slotted holy heal, I set down for several hours over maybe several days, until I got it.
Now, I have to have someone get me the liscenses and possibly a special part, that can only be bought from a certain faction?! You know how many holy heals you have to make in order to get a 5 slotter? Same goes for any high-level spell or weapon that isn't rare. Its not more fun to make those weapons now, I thought that was the point of playing this game, fun? Now it just takes longer and no matter what (unless I have other chars in all factions) I am forced to rely on someone else. Very little fun for me there.

2) Even if I wanted to sit on trade for hours looking for the right person to help me get the item, I probably wouldn't be able to read the damn message mixed in with all that spam. So, they make player interaction a must but don't do a thing about fixing the spam or even putting in a DoY trade channel?

3) People say "now faction sympathy means something". Hate to say it but no, it really doesn't. Every person or every clan is just going to make a mule char that they can kill for symp.

What they absolutely need to do to fix this imo;

1) Playershops, playershops, playershops.

2) Any runner can buy from any FSM that they are allied to, as long as they have 90+ symp to that faction. This would ease the pain of finding some one willing to sell you what you need.

3) FFS publish a list of what items can be bought from what faction supply managers. Should have been published in beta, but it needs to be done now.
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Postby Lucid Dream on Tue Oct 05, 2004 6:32 pm

I just want content. There is NO new content as of now for the pro-city people, except for.. the juggernaut factory, i guess, but that is really just rehashed mobs in a hole. WoC may bring me the content I am looking for, but right now, I have nothing to do.
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Postby Lachlan on Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:33 am

As I posted in the thread about why the accessories spot on the armor window was removed:

There's two theories to software development...

1) Start with a list of features and set a date. As the date closes, start cutting features that you're not going to get in done in time to still make the date.

2) Start with a list of features and set a date. As the date closes, push it back so you can get all of the original features in and debugged.

If you've communicated the list of features to the general public ahead of time, you're going to disappoint people either way.

The company I work for does #1, but we never communicate the list of features until a few days before release date.

They'll get those features in there, but also remember that nc1's German retail was at the same time as the English open beta. So, my guess is that while they launched Sept 30th to keep the date, they are actually planning a huge International release with all of these features in.

Be patient, if NC2 isn't something you want to play right now, go play something else. You guys sound really miserable.. you shouldn't be miserable playing a game, you should be having fun. :)

I am having fun, despite the "broken promises"..
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