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Um, Steam's In-House Streaming is AMAZING!

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Um, Steam's In-House Streaming is AMAZING!

Postby FN on Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:57 pm

So last night I needed to log into ARK periodically a few times but didn't want to keep going down to my office so my plan was to just fire up the ARK Client on my Macbook and do what I needed to quickly there. Unfortunately since the Macbook isn't really geared for gaming it doesn't run very well so I would never actually "play" the game from it.

Well when I launched Steam, instead of a "Play" button on the ARK game page, it said "Stream"...

It launched ARK on my gaming PC then just streamed it to my Macbook! I had no clue Steam could do this so forgive me if I'm just being a n00b here but I was seriously impressed. It was like sitting at my PC, just with a smaller screen. No lag, no issues, totally worked. I was really impressed and now I might catch myself gaming on my Macbook while casually chilling in the livingroom or by the pool now.
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Re: Um, Steam's In-House Streaming is AMAZING!

Postby a4nic8er on Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:39 pm

Yea, it's cool isn't it?

Steam are also offering preorder of the Steam Controller which I imagine will be available around the same time as Steam Link so you can play with 1080p, 60Hz streaming to your TV.

"Valve's cheap Steam Link and Controller could woo Steam Machine skeptics"
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Re: Um, Steam's In-House Streaming is AMAZING!

Postby Pantho on Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:24 pm

Been using this recently, but the colour is annoying me, It's not as vibrant as it should be, looks a bit dulled.

However you can do some nice stuff with it, use it as a general remote desktop etc. But mainly you can launch some crappy game that uses no resources and then stream a non steam game over it very successfully, an origin game for example.
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