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Postby Josh on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:16 pm

I never did one of these...

Where are you from?
U S of A

How old are you?

What game(s) are interested in playing with us?
NEOCRON 3, and other stuff. I deno, I've been playing a crap ton of FO4 and BL Pre-Sequal lately.

What are you character name(s)?
MrTrip, phys1ks, Lykos

How long have you been playing?
Starsiege. Google it.

What would you like to get out of your membership in SXR?
A million dollars, blow job from Faid, and a Milky Ren.

Would you be willing to use Teamspeak (voice communication)?
I'm a deaf mute.

How did you hear about SXR?
Bathroom wall in Pepper Park

Paint us a picture of your online gaming past :)

Its a chilly Fall day, I convinced my mother to buy me Starsiege. She said I couldn't have it until I did some homework or something. She left it in the car, I carefully opened the box, removed the CDs, and laid them face up under her vehicle. When she backed out and left, I retrieved them and installed the game. Sneaky little shit I was, I played the campaign, and then I went straight to multiplayer, I learned how to hack my Herc and add Nike Siege Cannons to it, and dominated servers left and right. Then I wrote a lot of little addon scripts for servers, and graduated to Tribes, Tribes 2, CS, CS:Source, on and on and on goes the list. Neocron, etc etc. I like games.
[5:33:46 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: haha
[5:33:51 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: its swedish
[5:33:53 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: its epic
[5:33:55 PM] MrTrip: I see that ahhaha
[5:34:01 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: and there is a horse
[5:34:06 PM] MrTrip: :D Not a single word was understood by me
[5:34:15 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: you could figure it out
[5:34:27 PM] Iceborg/River Tam: you fixed neocron swedish is a lot easier
[5:34:32 PM] MrTrip: lmao
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