2016 SynergyXR State of the Union

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2016 SynergyXR State of the Union

Postby FN on Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:21 am

Just a repost of the email I sent out :)


Greetings SXR Forum Users!

It's been a LONG time since I've sent out a forum-wide email, but I wanted to drop everyone a small update on the state of SynergyXR.

YES, we're still around! Many of us are off playing different titles these days, but I see members in and out of games on Steam and our Teamspeak server every day. As we all get older and life gets busier, it seems to be harder and harder to find time to sneak some gaming in, but many of us still manage to do it.

Many of us jumped on the "Survival MMO" train for awhile playing ARK and H1Z1. Some have found regular action in Tom Clancy's The Division. I've been popping into SMITE and Planetside 2 when I have the time. I admit I am guilty of gaming without getting on TS lately, but I will be working on that!

Neocron is (surprisingly) still around and there has been a new turn of events with their development, Neocron Classic. You can read more about that on their forums: https://forum.neocron.org/

I've also finally updated our main site from just a splash page to a full-fledged CMS with a lot of possibilities for future options and projects. Look for more updates there in the near future ;)

Today though, I wanted to briefly touch on the future of SXR's services...

I've been proudly running most of the SXR services for as long as anyone can remember and I'd love nothing more than to continue to do so! Every year I renew our domain name, keep our website, forums, and Teamspeak up to date and running. I'm always looking into other games seeing what we could possibly run or host like our old Minecraft server or the ARK server we had for a small time.

Today is my sister's due date for her first baby (I'm gonna be Uncle FN!) and lately my wife and I have started more future family talk. With that, we're both taking a deeper look into where we are spending our money and while I have every intention of keeping all SXR services up and running for as long as SXR lives - I wanted to remind everyone that I will gladly accept any donations towards our mutual love of gaming and supporting SXR.

You can either do a small one-time donation or, even better, a recurring monthly donation. If a dozen SXR members donated just $1 a month that would cover most the expenses of running the SynergyXR server setup. The donations will go into the PayPal account that the monthly server bills are paid from so I can promise that any and all donations will go towards funding SXR's future costs and nothing else!


So if you get a chance, please stop into the forums, say hi, and let us know what you've been up to. The SXR Teamspeak server info is still in the private forums and would love it if you jumped on! I miss you guys and am actually toying with the idea of trying out Neocron Classic if it brings the right people back...

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Re: 2016 SynergyXR State of the Union

Postby mace on Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:20 am

remember this? bump
I R ALPHA!!!! or in other words H.N.I.C...... if ya didn't know, betta axe sumbodeh! :D
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Re: 2016 SynergyXR State of the Union

Postby Pantho on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:25 am

I remember you :oops:
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